I always got my finger on the pulse of the news.  Even though the news is 99.9% bad, sad, tragedy filled and gloom with horrible deaths, scam artists, war, kidnappings, alien abductions, rising gas prices, house fires, etc.  Okay, maybe not too many alien abductions, but one can wish.  A homeless Vet returns a lost wallet with all the cash in it.

A 49 year old Navy vet found a wallet with $172 in it.  Although he has three children of his own and could have used the money to spend on his children, he turned it in to the local police station instead.  Brian Christopher told the Boston Globe,

"I counted the money and said, 'Wow, I could probably get three nice presents with this,' ''But maybe it was some student's Christmas gift money. I just kept thinking of the meaning of Christmas."

Police found the owner of the wallet from a receipt found inside.  The wallet belonged to bicycle messenger, Meghan Schultz who said she really needed that money, too.  When contacted by police after pretty much giving up on the idea of being reunited with her wallet she was shocked.  As most of us would be.  She got the name of the man who returned it, saying

“I wanted to see if I could take him out to lunch,’’ she said. “It’s not like I have a ton of spending money but I can afford this.’’

This is a quick, watered-down version of the story.  But if you have a moment, the whole article that was published in the Boston Globe is truly heart warming!  Click here to read more.