We discovered a brand new way you donate to Connie and Fish Christmas Kids and all it's going to take are some old cans and bottles. You can help out foster families and foster kids this holiday season by donating a portion of your returnables' bottle deposits to Connie and Fish Christmas Kids.

There is a brand new website that lets you return your bottles and cans without leaving your home!  It's called Sipzee and you can donate the money you get from those bottle returns to your favorite local charity, like Connie and Fish Christmas Kids.  Oh and did we mention that Sipzee is made by people right here in Grand Rapids?

On Sipzee.com you can set up a time for someone to come out, pick up your bottles and go return them for you.  You can donate your bottle return money to a local charity too.

So, in order to donate your cans, head over to Sipzee.com, set up a time to get your bottles and cans picked up and then select Connie and Fish Christmas Kids as the charity you want to donate to.

Screenshot from Sipzee.com

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