, the website that promises to set up young women with "wealthy benefactors," has just released new data ranking college campuses across America according to how many women sign up at each.

I'm pretty excited about the data because it pretty much says one thing - not too many college girls want to date rich old guys.

While the appeal of men (who happen to be loaded) is definitely there, it looks like women aren't using to find them.

The site was founded by Brandon Wade, an MIT graduate and "online-dating expert."

Here's the email the site sent out this morning:

New and current college students don't have much to look forward to after graduation, aside from almost guaranteed debt and a 50 percent chance of under- or unemployment. Some women have found a new way to afford a higher education; Sugar Daddies!

Gross. The term "Sugar Daddy" skeeves me out, in general.

In 2014, the number of students in the U.S. registered on the world's largest Sugar Daddy dating site, increased by 42 percent. Today, the site is releasing its annual list of the Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools, with the University of Texas topping the list.

"Sugar Baby Schools"?!? Are you kidding me?!? This is all so creepy.

Enticed by the average monthly allowance of $3,000 most Sugar Babies receive, as well as job opportunities and mentorship from wealthy benefactors, over 1.4 million students use the site.

That's 1.4 million students that I'm glad I'm not friends with.

They also explain,

The site offers free premium memberships to students that register with their .edu email addresses. The average Sugar Baby is 26 years old.

The University of Michigan comes in at number 12 on their list of "Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools of 2015". Gross. But, only 186 Wolverines joined the site in 2014, and when you consider the total enrollment at U of M, that's not a huge percentage of the student body.