Music and TV fans on Twitter are creating mock-up television series covers and movie posters using their favorite musicians and bands — and the new trend is going viral!

Search "as series covers" on Twitter along with your favorite artist's name and you'll find countless fan-created memes following the trend.

One fan of Caroline Polachek envisioned the musician as the star of You, American Horror Story, Sex Education, Euphoria, Black Mirror and Elite using past photo shoot snapshots of the "Door" singer.

Lady Gaga has delivered many diverse musical eras and countless style evolutions over the course of her career, making her the perfect candidate for this Twitter trend. Could you imagine Mother Monster starring in Sex/Life or Riverdale? Now you don't have to!

Even though Gaga starred in AHS' fifth season, Hotel, and sixth season, Roanoke, one Little Monster even envisioned the pop icon starring in her own Gaga-themed season of AHS.

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande got the TV series treatment thanks to one fan who used past music video stills to create their own versions of You, Gossip Girl, Lizzie McGuire and Bridgerton, among others — all starring the "Positions" hit-maker, of course.

Now, here's the real question: If she was on You, would Ari best portray a stalker, like Joe, or a victim? (She did try her hand at the latter during her stint on Scream Queens, after all.)

See more of the best mock-ups of pop stars and musicians as series covers, below.

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