Business Insider is reporting that Walmart is planning on closing 63 Sam’s Club stores around the country.  Apparently, they had to finally announce the news after a few stores quickly closed down.

Around 11,000 employees will soon be without a job. According to the Business Insider story, quite a few employees found out about their store closing and no longer having a job by showing up for work to a store that was locked up. Business Insider says Walmart will turn them into “e-commerce distribution centers” so maybe some of the employees will get or keep a job?

So far the two stores in Michigan that are closing, from Business Insider are:

  • 340 E. Edgewood Boulevard, Lansing, MI 48911

  • 32625 Northwestern Hwy, Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Business Insider said they found out the list of stores, by various news reports and also former employees that had alerted the publication. Hopefully, those two stores are all that’s closing, but with their “sneak out in the middle of the night” move happening around the country, we could see more Michigan Sam’s Clubs close in the near future.


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