The rapper Tyga performed a nearly sold out show at The Intersection last Wednesday night, and lost something near and dear to him. When the rapper jumped out into the crowd at one point during the show, he lost a gold bracelet with an Egyptian pharaoh charm hanging from it. Something that we have since learned held a lot of sentimental value to him.

This is where Romena Chebet Murgor, a junior at East Kentwood High School comes in to the picture. As she was scanning the floor of the Intersection for her friend's lost ID, she came across the bracelet, and picked it up. She didn't want to keep it for herself, however, she wanted to return it to its rightful owner! Romena snapped a picture of the bracelet, logged into her Twitter account, and tweeted at Tyga,

I have your bracelet :) come back to Grand Rapids.

Next she knew, Tyga’s manager called her and told her that Tyga didn’t want to come back to G.R. – he wanted to foot the bill for Romena and a friend to fly to Indianapolis to see his show there, in exchange for returning his bracelet.

Romena took her friend Daisy Medina down to Indianapolis for the adventure. They spent time with Tyga on his tour bus, went shopping at Target with him, got T-shirts from his fashion line. He bought them breakfast and lunch. He gave them tickets to his show, and he put them up in the local JW Marriott hotel.