A Michigan man, who claims the school his daughter attends cut her hair at least twice without his permission, has decided to litigate.

Mt. Pleasant resident Jimmy Hoffmeyer is suing his daughter's school because her hair was cut twice without his permission. The suit was filed in federal court this week against the Mount Pleasant school system.

Seven year-old Jurnee Hoffmeyer's hair was first trimmed on the school bus by another student who had scissors on the bus (why? I have no idea), and hacked off half of her locks.

Jimmy complained to the principal of Ganiard Elementary School about the bus incident, and then a few days later, took his daughter to a hair stylist to fix the problem.

The stylist created an asymmetrical cut to make the difference less noticeable.

He was shocked when a library teacher and another school staffer at Ganiard Elementary School cut off Jurnee's curly locks a second time only a few days later.

The teacher claimed Jurnee was unhappy with the salon's work and asked her to fix the cut by making it more even.

"I asked what happened and said 'I thought I told you no child should ever cut your hair,'" Hoffmeyer said at the time. "She said 'but dad, it was the teacher.' The teacher cut her hair to even it out."

Jimmy's lawsuit contains eight counts against the school district, including violations of constitutional rights and racial discrimination.

The district "failed to properly train, monitor, direct, discipline, and supervise their employees, and knew or should have known that the employees would engage in the complained of behavior given the improper training, customs, procedures, and policies, and the lack of discipline that existed for employees," according to the lawsuit.

Jimmy, who is part African-American, feels the girl's tight curls were part of the reason the school employees cut off the hair, leading to the discrimination part of the law suit.

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