I love these kind of videos. Here's a 360 YouTube clip from Festival that happened earlier on this year. 

Festival of the Arts is an immersive art environment in Grand Rapids, MI, and we think the best way to capture it is in 360!

These videos are best when viewed on your phone to be honest. But hey, your desktop is fine for now. Click on the video and drag your view around.

Isn't technology great?!

I thought about trying to get a camera setup like this. However, much like how I wanted to get a drone, I can't really justify spending that kind of money.

To get a professional 360 movie you can either ... spend $700 to buy an after market plastic mount so you could attach SIX GoPro cameras (about $400 a piece) together, then once you film it you'll need some special software that will set you back another $700ish. So, you're looking at $4,000 to start churning out videos. Or you could get the GoPro official setup ... which is about $5,000 ... no software included (that I can tell anyway).

No thanks. I'll live vicariously.

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