I feel like this is definitely going to lean into why we should make election day a holiday because according to WZZM voter turnout for Tuesday’s local election was up over typical May elections.

WZZM talked with Walker City Clerk, Sara Bydalek, said voting turnout went from 12% to 29.7%  and the numbers for in-person voting were much higher than expected with just over 100 people coming to city hall to vote.

Curious why they still had the election? WZZM says that while the state allowed communities to reschedule the election, but like Walker, a lot of the elections that happened were because school districts are hoping for ballot measures to pass for money to operate when the new school year starts.

It’s way too early to predict what will happen in November, but it’s definitely a positive sign to see that when people aren’t stuck at work, they take the time to go vote and let their voice heard.

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