Number one, don't act like an idiot! Okay, I'm kidding, that's not on this actual list, but it's not a bad piece of advice!

This comes from The Atlantic, and actually could help you. Did you know research has proven that wearing glasses can make you seem smarter?

It's true, a 2011 study found that 43% of people think glasses make people look more intelligent.

On with the list!

First up, walking! Walk at the same speed as other people. Research shows that when you walk faster or slower than the people around you, you're seen as less competent.

Second, watch your drinking. I would never advise you to stay away from alcohol, unless you have a real problem, but drinking rarely makes people do smart things.

Third, use your middle initial. There was a study conducted last year where people's writing samples were rated more favorably when they included their middle initial in their byline.

Finally, avoid using big words. Typically large words make you seem smarter, but studies show the opposite is true. Simple writing actually makes you seem more intelligent.