If you're a Taylor Swift fan or if you have one in your life... this is about to be your favorite thing!

Taylor wrapped up her 'Reputation' Tour and sent us 8 of her VIP boxes she gave out to fans who purchased or won the "VIP Experience" on her tour stops!  These are boxes with a message from Taylor, plus a bunch of really cool collectible stuff that not everyone can own!

Not only do you get the heavy box with a stage layout and video message when you open the lid, you also win:

  • CD copy of Reputation
  • a cool 'Reputation' patch
  • VIP Lanyard (that lights up and is rechargeable)
  • A souvenir ticket in a plastic case
  • Taylor Swift 'Reputation' picture book

How cool is this!?  And even cooler, only people who bought or won the VIP Experience have one of these boxes, so not very many people have even seen these boxes, let alone owned one!

Even better, you have a chance to win these VIP boxes between now and December 31st, when NETFLIX releases the 'Reputation' Live Concert special!!

Want to win one of the 8 VIP boxes we have?  Sign up below!