A TikTok user caught a deer doing something pretty insane while visiting Tahquamenon falls in the Upper Peninsula. We've all seen those old timey videos of someone going over Niagara Falls in a barrell, but this video puts that to shame. Watch as a deer runs down the Tahquamenon River, get to the edge of the falls and realize it just made a bad mistake, and then fall nearly 50 feet from the top of the falls into the water below.

@cas_hasReply to @_bumblebeebutt_ Ok, so this is the full video without music. #michigan #waterfall #deer #tahquamenonfalls♬ original sound - user782529850134

Thankfully, the deer seemed to be OK after the huge plummet. You can see it swimming away from the falls at the end of the video where it eventually reached the bank of the river. It did look a little out of it when it was looking for a spot to get back on land, but it didn't appear noticeably hurt.

This isn't the first time that someone caught a video of something or someone going over Tahquamenon Falls.  In 2018, someone caught a video of a kayaker going over the falls.  He wasn't hurt and in an article from MLive.com, the kayaker said “It’s really pretty and I’ve done it 18 times. Yesterday was the first time to do it in the winter."

This station and its author in no way condone or encourage people or animals going over the Tahquamenon Falls or any waterfall for that matter.

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