Nature has its own rules, and while I wouldn't recommend you doing this, the deer seems fine with it.

Some sightseers were recording the beauty that is the scenic Tahquamenon Falls in the the Upper Peninsula, when a deer came scooting out of the woods.

It seemed to know what it was doing as it sidled down the river, which has been running shallow most of the summer, until it gets to the edge, at that point it's too late as the deer goes over and the crowd gasps.

Well I don't know that for a fact because the dude that posted this video to TikTok put all sorts of awful music on a piece of video that didn't need it. (Not to mention the fact there are thousands of songs better suited to this type of suspense.)

The end result, however, is a win for our young buck, as his head pops up and he floats harmlessly off to the side, as if to say "Tah-dah! I knew what I was doing the whole time!"

What do you think would happen if I tried this? I guarantee you it wouldn't end like this, and I would probably be out a few hundred bucks in hospital co-pays.

First, the Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Championship, and now we have a high diving buck who probably took the gold medal in some sort of weird deer Olympics. It's been a good year for the deer so far.

Well, except for the fact that some of them are coming down with CoVid.

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