Let's be honest, we all love a good workday time waster. And nothing fills that void better for me than a live cam for an animal. There's something that really helps me decompress and relax for a few minute when I'm watching some cute animals living their best life, blissfully unaware that I'm watching them from my own habitat (my desk)

(Remember that summer we were all obsessed with waiting on the late April The Giraffe to give birth?)

So if you're looking for another midday distraction, Michigan State University has put up a live cam to help you spy on some of the newest residents of Spartian Stadium. (And no, a lady didn't move into the sign.)

On the top of MSU's Spartan Stadium, they've put a bird box to help safely host the birds that will inevitably call the space their home. This year, a family of Paraguin Falcons have moved in and they're so incredibly adorable that they're getting their own show.

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MSU Falcon Cam on Youtube

MSU has put a camera on their spot, and you can follow this family (and their 3 young chicks) as they grow together on top of Michigan's second biggest college football stadium. And if you enjoy the show enough, they're happy to take your donations to help support them and future falcon families in the process.

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Now, will the Spartans change their mascot? Probably not- but as far as I'm concerned this is the biggest show you'll see at the stadium until football season kicks off in the fall.

Go ahead, enjoy the stream for a few minutes (I promise I won't tell your boss)

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