The passing of a loved one is never easy, and of course we never want to say goodbye. But unfortunately, everyone (animals inlcuded) as a time they have to go. This morning, the John Ball Zoo family is mourning the loss of a beloved animal. In a heartfelt social media post on Thursday, zoo officials announced the passing of Barbara, one of their North American porcupines.

John Ball Zoo on Facebook
John Ball Zoo on Facebook

"It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of our beloved North American porcupine, Barbara," the post read. "Barbara's keepers had noticed a few weeks ago that she was reluctant to eat her meals. Despite supportive treatment in her habitat, it became clear that she needed more intensive care, leading to her relocation to the Animal Hospital."

The dedicated teams at the hospital conducted multiple diagnostic exams, treatments, and procedures, but sadly, they were unable to restore Barbara's health.

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Barbara had joined the John Ball Zoo in 2021 as part of a breeding recommendation and quickly became a cherished member of the zoo family. Her presence will be deeply missed by both the staff and visitors who had the pleasure of knowing her.

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John Ball Zoo

We are obviously thinking of our friends at the John Ball Zoo as they have to say goodbye to a dear friend.

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