You DO remember the North Kent Mall don't you?

This little gem of a video of the Uniquely You models from 1985 is a sheer time trip back to the awful fashions we considered so cool back then.

This fashion show has it all -- '80s fashions, mullets, vogueing (before it was cool), and the gosh darn NORTH KENT MALL!!!!!

Posted by Susan Evangelista, who indicates she may have been one of the models in the show, she writes:

The now sadly closed North Kent Mall in Grand Rapids, Michigan was the scene for this Fashion Show by Uniquely You Models. The Rap Group Tri European is featured. These shows were so much fun to do!!!!! Time lapse!!!!!


I think I owned that bathing suit in the photo, but not the crop top. Thank God!

My favorite parts? Well, at about the 16:30 mark there's rapping from a group called Tri European that then leads to break dancing. And, the 28:00 mark when a group of people do the robot.