It's possible that profits from Gun Lake Casino may make it possible for more Wayland students to take part in athletics.

Some of the profits from casino slot machines will cover the "pay to participate" fees at Wayland middle and high schools.

Before it opened,  the casino agreed to share some of its profits with the community.

The school district collected over $60,000 dollars in pay to participate fees from student athletes last year.  Eliminating the fees could save families hundreds of dollars.

The way that the pay to play policy works in Wayland now is that parents pay one-hundred dollars per season/per sport/per student. In some families' cases (with multiple kids who play multiple sports) the pay to play fees added up quick.

With their share of the casino money, the Wayland school district is also painting their gym and installing a new gym floor. They are also reducing tuition for children enrolled in preschool.

Under the terms of their compact with the government, Gun Lake Casino will make revenue sharing payments twice a year.

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