Break ups are hard enough. What makes them even worse is when your awful ex leaves behind all his crap. Staring at your former lovers belongings is a constant reminder of what once was  and now is no longer. Sure, you could give it to charity, or just go ahead and purge it. I've even known some particularly pissed off exes who held bonfire celebrations-- with the kindling being their former partner's old stuff.  And what do you do with the stuff he gave you that you no longer want? Sure, you might be fine with throwing away some things like the stuffed penguin he won you at the fair before he turned into the biggest jerk ever... but what about that engagement ring? Eeeek. Well, there's a new website that helps you get rid of  all the stuff from your past relationship and turn a profit. offers a forum for the brokenhearted to sell the wares of their exes and also share the stories behind their breakups.

According to Time's Newsfeed,  the website's owner, Bella, created the site after she found herself with a plane ticket following a breakup the week before Christmas. She bills the website as a  “place where once loved gifts from once loved partners get a second chance.”

Sellers submit a photo of what they want to get rid of,  a "real world price" and a "break up price", along with some back story on the item.

The juicy details  can be quite intriguing. Some stories are sad, like this description for a wedding dress: “Although this dress was one of a kind, apparently he didn’t think that I was his one and only. I wish the lying fool would have at least paid for the dress and all the deposits we put down on the wedding. Instead, he left me broke & broken hearted."

Some tales are light-hearted and funny, some matter of fact, like the woman wishing to get rid of some high heels: "My boyfriend at the time went to Vegas... He ended up bringing me back all sorts of oddities and a really expensive pair of shoes that, let's be honest, aren't my all. I have never worn them (only to try them on to see if they fit) and I don't plan on ever wearing them again. It's not that they're not cute, I just have no where to wear them and would rather have just taken the money."

There's also a "Tell It" section where visitors can share their own stories of woe and betrayal and a "Moving on Manual" to help the brokenhearted get their groove back.

Hmmm. If I think about it, I'm sure I've got some jewelry tucked away somewhere (gifts from an ex) that I haven't been able to wear again or part with. Maybe I should see if I could make a buck or two?

What about you? Any items from a past relationship you'd like to get rid of?




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