I really hope your Friday night's are much more exciting than what mine have become because I have spent the last hour-and-a-half debating if I should hit the checkout button on my online order so instead I'm writing about it.

It all started because I got an e-mail from DSW with the subject line:

Get organized (without spending a dime)

As someone who was up until 5 a.m. cleaning and organizing the other day, on a work night mind you, this subject line spoke to me. Then I opened the e-mail and I knew this is what I needed to declutter my life.

Christine George/TSM (screenshot from e-mail)


Sense the urgency? I couldn't wait to go to the store and risk them being gone so instead I perused DSW's website and after an hour I finally settled on three different items: a pair of navy booties, thigh-high boots with a sparkly heel & jeggings.

With a $5 reward, the total is at $134.95. $135 FOR CUBES! Okay, well not technically, but the cubes are the reason I'm in this mess right now and I'm still struggling on whether I should click the button to checkout lane. So much for not spending a dime, ha? lol.

Have you ever bought something just to get something else for "free"?