Craigslist is weird. From missed connections to people selling their old, unwanted crap, a lost of weirdness can be found just by scrolling through the pages.

We decided to take it upon ourselves to find some of the weirdest things you can currently purchase on Grand Rapids Craigslist. And hey, if you find something you're interested in, you're welcome.

Want those cemetery plots? This guy wants to sell them to you.

I need of a new bong? There are a LOT of options. If you like the looks of those weird warlock ones, you can get them from someone in Allendale. If you're looking for something a little less ornate, you can find them here and here (that one's not shaped like a wizard, but it is named after one) and here and there are probably more, but we stopped looking.

If you're having trouble with your bladder or bowel function and think you want to get those deeply discounted adult diapers, this person can hook you up.

Think you want to bring payphones back and make them a thing again? Are you just a hipster who really needs a payphone? We didn't find you a fully assembled, functioning one, but we found you the parts. Build it yourself.

Want to doom your marriage right from the get-go by having a super haunted looking wedding cake? This person will gladly sell you their Day of the Dead-themed cake topper.

Did that super-chill, not-so-modest cat catch your eye? Contact this girl and she'll hand him over to you. Well, kind of. You have to pay for him.

Are racist nicknacks more your style? You can get that Irene Nye "Imp" figurine from this person.

Feel like getting arrested? Well... talk to the guy who has the medical marijuana plants. You guys have a lot in common. Like your urge to get arrested.

And last but not least, if you want to convince the neighborhood kids that your house is haunted, hit up this person and snag that roof gargoyle.