Wendy is such a lucky girl! Santa called her personally to let her know she will be getting the jeggings she's been asking for, and also to request that she leave some chicken & waffles out for him. Gmail's Send a Call from Santa is awesome!

Here's how it works: You fill in some information about the person you want to call (name, relationship to you, personal style, what he/she would want as a gift, etc.) and then they'll get a personalized call from Santa using the info you provided.

Now, sure, if you are one of those people that like, knows some children and actually likes them and wants to make their day with a call from Santa, you can play it straight. But far more fun are the comical options Gmail offers.  For example, jolly old St. Nick can tell your "vampire" best friend, who lives in "the hood"  that Santa is going to bring her a "honey badger" for Christmas before he heads off to "kick out some jams."

Possibly even funnier than the phone call, there's the option to email a video as well. I will warn you, you may spend several hours playing around with this, getting Santa to do awesome things like call you a "ninja" and decorate his tree "gangsta" style. I'm not even kidding-- check this out: