I can't believe I've already made it to the moment of unveiling my No. 1 song of 2013!

There are so many songs that I loved this year that it was really hard to narrow it down to just 10.

But when I started to compile my list, I knew straight away that my No. 1 song of the year would be "Say Something," by A Great Big World. This song spoke to me from the moment that I first heard it.

It's one of those songs that so full of emotion that when listening to it, you actually feel like it emotes for you. So powerful, and so awesome. This song is everything I love about music - stripped down vocals, a simple piano playing in the background. It's just perfect.

This song came into my life back in September. And after having a pretty difficult summer because of a death in my family, this song really spoke to me. I cried the first time I heard it; there was no way to stop it.

And here's the version with Christina Aguilera:

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