I always like to do a bit of a “year in review” towards the end of every year.

This year, I thought that, in addition to that, I would give a countdown of my favorite songs from 2014.

It’s inevitable that, as the year goes on, I end up with a “new favorite song” about once every six weeks.

That doesn’t mean I stopped loving the song that I named my favorite previously. It just gets added to my list of favorite songs of the year.

Coming in at No. 6 this year is a song I instantly fell in love with - Phillip Phillips' "Unpack Your Heart". I was lucky to see Phillip Phillips perform twice while he was here in Grand Rapids over the summer. First at Frederik Meijer Gardens (where he played with O.A.R.), and then again at H.O.M.E. inside of the B.O.B. for an intimate performance for Channel 957 listeners. Not only was he a SUPER nice guy, he's also extremely talented.