Life is definitely going to look different after the pandemic. A lot of businesses we’ve enjoyed for years aren’t going to still be here.

Case in point, AMF Lincoln Lanes on Lake Michigan Dr, just west of downtown Grand Rapids, announced on their website that they have officially closed for good.

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From the AMF Lincoln Lanes website:

We’re sorry to say that AMF Lincoln Lanes has closed. We have deeply appreciated your patronage and support over the years. We’ve made great bowling memories together, and we would like to continue to do so by inviting you to bowl with us at AMF Eastbrook Lanes!

Last January, WZZM reported that the bowling alley and golf course were for sale and that a “project called "Waterford Village” had shown interest in creating a housing development.

Then in December, MLive says that Stoneleigh Companies, a real estate development company in Illinois has submitted plans to buy the property and develop it.

According to MLive,

The firm’s plans call for the construction of a series of one-story buildings, housing 204 high-end apartments and 68 lots available for single-family homes. In addition, plans call for preserving 10 acres of the property along Lake Michigan Drive for commercial office space.

So it looks like bowling at Lincoln Lanes is officially a thing of the past. When I first came across the news that Lincoln Lanes had closed, I thought it might be like "The Rink" in Holland the skating rink that just went up for sale, or Tarry Hall Roller Skating Rink in Grandville, which was recently sold and will stay open. Unfortunately, not this time.


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