With the pandemic and tax season, it's wise to be on high alert for scammers. There's another type of scam we should watch out for involving electricity, West Michigan police warn.

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According toThe Kent County Sheriff's office, the scammers are calling and threatening to shut off your power if your bill is not paid within 30 minutes. They will tell you to pay your bill using a GoBank card or the Zelle app -- this is not legit. Actual companies like Consumers Energy or DTE, will never call ask you to pay your bill using a GoBank card or the Zelle app.

What should you do if you get a call like this? DO NOT SEND MONEY. The Kent County Sheriff's Office says you should contact your power company directly to confirm your account status.

They say scams like this are on the rise as the weather warms up and we're using air conditioning more.

It's a good reminder to never send money to someone we do not personally know and trust.

The Kent County Sheriff's office asks that we share this info to help keep our friends and neighbors safe.

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