There isn't a single person that will argue the fact that Cancer Sucks.

Not only is this life threatening illness a hard thing to battle, it can also be financially crushing for anyone who doesn't have the greatest insurance in the world. So, it can feel hopeless if someone is fighting for their life while fighting for their finances to afford their fight.

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That's why one West Michigan business is helping those in need, while recycling what would be potentially otherwise wasted.


The Cancer & Hematology Centers of Western Michigan are now accepting certain oral cancer drug donations to be used for free by Michigan residents who are eligible.

If you didn't know, cancer medications can be extremely expensive, especially out of pocket. In fact, the average price of a newly launched cancer drug in 2021 was $283,000 per year.

Alice Noriega, Getty Images
Alice Noriega, Getty Images

According to a release, the Cancer and Hematology Centers of W. Michigan was recently approved by the Michigan Board of Pharmacy to operate the program, which is sometimes called a 'drug donation and reuse program'. Nationally, only 12 states have drug repository programs specific to unused cancer drugs, supplies, and devices. In the state of Michigan, Cancer and Hematology Centers of W. Michigan is one of only a few cancer centers running drug repository programs.

How can I donate my used medication to this program?

Your help is greatly appreciated! Donations can be made at any CHCWM specialty retail pharmacy, and must fit the following criteria:

  • The item is in its original, unopened, tamper-evident unit dose packaging
  • There is no evidence that the drug has been adulterated or misbranded
  • The item has not been previously donated or resold
  • Medications are not controlled substances under federal or state law
  • Medications are not part of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s REMS drug safety program
  • Medications, as specified in manufacturer packaging, are stored at controlled room temperature
  • The original lot number and expiration date of the item are clearly visible
  • The expiration date of the item is at least 6 months later than the date on which it is donated
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How can I get involved with this program if I'm in need of this medication?

Those who can benefit from this program can receive medication after getting a prescription from Cancer & Hematology Centers of Western Michigan specialty retail pharmacy located on Michigan Avenue.

If you'd like to learn more about this program, and how you can help (or be helped) you can visit their website.

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