All kinds of companies spend a lot of time and money to research what we're all doing online. What we buy, what we sell, what we search for...the amount of information on each of us is terrifying. Now, a report has come out to tell us about our secret, or guilty pleasure searches.

What do people in Michigan secretly search for? And how perverted is it?

Surprisingly, Michigan's guilty pleasure searching is for auction sites.

Wait, what? Nothing kinky, or embarrassing to tell the parents?

Nope, people in the Mitten are looking for great deals online. Boring. Not really a "guilty" pleasure.

Not like Hawaii, who seems to be on the search for Grindr. Or Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas, who're on the hunt for porn...constantly.

Some states REALLY enjoy watching people suck and screw up, since Colorado, and Indiana search for "fail videos" a lot more than anything else.

I kind of feel sorry for those states like Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming, who are just looking for all the kitties...all the time. More cat videos faster.

I don't even want to go into the states that are obsessed with Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mommy websites. That's just...weird.

Find out what every state looks online for at They have the whole report, in all it's glory.

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