Remember the story of the Michigan man who was arrested for cursing in public because of some law that dates back to the 1800's? Well, you better watch your mouth next time... if you're in the town of Middleborough, Massachusetts. Reuters reports that saying a bad word in public can now get you a $20 ticket... and this is not a law from the 1800's, it's the new ordinance outlawing public swearing.

This was the idea of a woman named Mimi DuPhily, a member of the town's beautification committee... go figure. She pushed for the law after becoming upset over loud swearing by kids hanging around the small town south of Boston. You mean, she was getting upset over kids being kids? Never saw that before. Mimi said, "We're not talking about just conversation but screaming it across the street! Dropping F-bombs and so on."

This new law does not clearify which words are outlawed. That will be left to the police officers, and I do not see any problem arising from that at all, do you? That was sarcasm by the way. But even though the law passed by a count of 183-50 at the meeting, it has made Mimi an object of ridicule in the local media. She said, "The talk radio is making hysterical fun of me. They're calling me the granny-nanny."

What do you expect?... After all, you did just take the constitutional right of free speech from them. Not that I am a fan of swearing, but as a member of the media, I am a fan of free speech.

PHOTO: Flickr