As the internet fills with more and more information, both helpful and useless, we've learned to Google everything. I mean, everything. Some people Google "how to Google something". Not kidding. But one thing people search for a lot, is disease symptoms. Everything from diabetes, coughing, to asthma.

What's the disease people in Michigan search for info on the most?

I'm kind of surprised that most searches in Michigan are to find out about Syphilis!

Is this something I should be worried about up here? Not that I have any chance of having sex, but is syphilis a big thing up in the north?

Now I'm paranoid, and reading the WebMD article like a maniac. Apparently, the number of cases of syphilis dropped to an all-time low by 2000, but since then:

However, new cases of syphillis doubled between 2005 and 2013 from 8,724 to 16,663.

via WebMD

Oh, and it say I can catch it from close bodily contact with someone who has it? WTF?

It can cause arthritis, brain damage, and blindness! Holy cow, now maybe I understand why people here are Googling the s*** out of this! Screw asthma searching.

Luckily, further research on the site shows that Michigan isn't in the Top 10 of "Highest Chlamydia Cases Per Capita", which makes us all breathe a sigh of relief.

Anyway, back to the study from They found that most people in the US search for asthma, coughing, and diabetes the most.

Although people in North Dakota apparently don't sleep well, and Alabama and South Carolina are as concerned as Michigan with STDs. They search for "itches" a LOT. I mean, a LOT!

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