I'll give you a hint: we don't use this emoji for its actual meaning.

Figure it out yet? Here's another hint just in case: you can find it in the produce section at the grocery store.

By now you should have at least narrowed it down to two answers and if you have a dirty mind you've probably guessed it's either the eggplant emoji or the peach. And while the eggplant is the favorite of three states (Idaho, Missouri and Virginia), Michiganders love the peach emoji!  And let's be honest, it has nothing to do with our love of peaches. Everyone knows the peach emoji looks like a perfectly plump booty. Some women strive to have their behinds look like the popular peach emoji.

The website, Decluttr, studied Google search data by each state to find what the preferred emoji is and found that overall America loves poop... more states in the U.S. prefer the poop emoji. Of course we do. Everything about poop is funny especially when it has a face.

Texas is just as perverted as we are because they're the only other state where the peach is their favorite.


What surprised me, though, is that there are currently over 800 emojis to choose from and in all of the U.S. only 18 showed up on the map. But then again how often are you actually using the paperclip emoji? We have our favorites and it's obvious that's why you see certain emojis being made into pillows or stitched on shirts and some not.

Are you surprised by Michigan's favorite emoji? What's your favorite?

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