Hey guys … it’s Fish.

So wife type lady and I are taking care of my Mother In Laws dog while she is between homes.  Her name is Lucy.  Here she is:

Lucy the dog
Lucy the dog

I came home from work the other day and Lucy had slid open the door to the Laundry room (where we kennel her) to get into the mud room.  Typically you would say … GOOD FOR YOU LUCY!!!  This was not the case.  She had actually found one of Alicia’s really nice boots and completely destroyed it.  Here is a video look if you want to see it:

We started talking about it on the show and people started texting in with their stories.  Here are a few:

  • My Lucy is a 3 year old Rottweiler and she eats everything , the most recent was my 140 dollar muck boots . Sometimes I think It's the name ... short for
  • My dog Twinkie (Yes thats her name) ate a 5 lbs bag of flour. Bag and all.
  • When my parents dog, Charlotte, was a puppy she ate several glass ornaments off of the Christmas tree. She pooped glitter for the next week.
  • My dog dug a hole in the wall with her paw, then proceeded to chew the drywall in a 1ft circle. She also chewed around the entire leg of the dining room table...which I have to my ex in the divorce, lol
  • If I don't completely shut the door when I'm showering, my dog will come in the bathroom and steal my underwear. He won't still anything else like a shirt or pants, just my underwear! It is the WEIRDEST thing ever!
  • My cat dumped a huge vase full of water and flowers on to my textbooks. I'm a college student so that was about $300 that he almost ruined.
  • #lovemydog! My dog loved shoes! He even went so far as to chew up a pair of my ex's Jimmy Choo shoes!! He also liked bird seed and his poo piles would grow. We also had tiny corn stalks growing around the yard!
  • Just caught the tail end of the 'Something weird a pet has destroyed' text request, not sure if it's for today or tomorrow lol...but I had a Siamese cat who would ONLY bite and sometimes destroy condoms (in packages, not like the were lying around used 😂). He would open the box they were kept in and bite through the packaging.
  • My dog locked herself in the bathroom once. She tore through the door to get out. She also dug through the drywall that opened up in our bedroom closet. Don't really know which she did first but both were wrecked. I knew something was up when I got home and saw her nose covered in white from the drywall.
  • My cat, Noodles is obsessed with my hair....he is always trying to give me free layers... 🐱
  • My dog Sylvia chewed a hole in the wall, just to get outside. Damn separation anxiety.
  • My puppy ate my temp front tooth - had to go through his poop ,- found it cleaned it and put it back in ,- harassed for weeks for having a poopy front tooth and did I enjoy the flavor lol!!
  • dog
  • Our dog chewed my wife's false teeth . Had to get new .
  • My dog tore apart my sons room including all the dirty diapers all over our living room. That day we got a crate- best decision we've ever made. The dog is happier and so are we!
  • If you would like to add a story, post it in the comments!