From Flying Monkeys to Oompa Loompas to the stinging reality of MacCauley Culkin and bee allergies, you guys got messed up early in life.

It's scary movie season, but this goes way beyond that. I recently asked people on Facebook what movie scene traumatized them when they were children. To the point where they couldn't sleep for days afterward.

Here are some of your answers:

Chris      That f*****g tree in Poltergeist. Still haunts me.

Karen      The F'ing closet in Poltergeist, scared me for years!

Brian       and for my wife, it’s the clown under the bed.

Josh      The hanging mom in Pet Semetary. and the cat in the garage scene made it hair stand up on the back of my neck.

Ollie      I forget the Beatles movie, but it was the Beatles shrinking and going down the drain in a tub.

Lee     At the end of Bonnie and Clyde when they got shot up really bad. I never saw any action like that in a movie screen or a television screen and I was like, damn

Nikki    Exorcist but as an adult. She turned her head and I lost it. And I LOVE scary movies.

Dennis    Grandpa took me to see Jaws at the theater when I was 9!

Jennifer    PeeWee’s Big Adventure. The Large Marge scene. I was not expecting it all and it scarred me for life.

Margaret    Basically all of Beetlejuice..

Tamara     I don't think I was a kid...but the scene that always makes me a sobbing mess is the funeral scene for the little boy, Thomas, in My Girl.

Marti    The flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.

Paul    Can't remember specifically the vampire film. There were several. At the end when you thought all the vampires had been killed and the kids were getting away in a car, but the kid in the backseat all of a sudden smiles and he has fangs. That freaked me…

Susie    The Cowardly Lion jumping through the window when he saw the Wizard - as a kid, that scene scared me.....

Hunter     American History X. You know the scene.

Gonzalo     Friday the 13th! When she was in the rowboat at the end of the movie and Jason comes out the water on her! Made me jump out my seat!!!!

Red     Wizard of Oz. Damned Flying Monkeys!!!!!! To this day, they still give me nightmares, but I like watching it.

Joe    Dude crawling out of the slime on the spaceship in fire in the sky

Holly Deer Hunter roulette scene.

Brandon The boat ride in Willy Wonka.

Devarron Dead baby on the ceiling in trainspotting

Rick When the flying monkeys are tearing apart the scarecrow.

Pete The child napper scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He hunted children by smell. WTF??!!

Corinne    The scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when the faces melted off the guys at the end

Gerald    As a kid: Bambi living.  As an adult: The last scene from ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar’.

Gary Psycho shower scene.

Genni    Whatever movie it was where someone had an eyeball growing in their palm and they gouged it out with a piece of glass.

Rachel   Mine was a scene from Fantasy Island. There’s an episode where a man was turning 50 but every man on his 50th axe murders their wife. So the fantasy had a 50th birthday party and as the clock struck midnight, all the dancing guests turned around one by one and had become zombies....

Matthew   Indiana Jones Temple of Doom heart removal scene. I had my first panic attack ever after seeing it waaaay to young

Sharon   Remake of the Night of the Living Dead the one in the mall. I could not sleep for a month and I was 19

Don   IT when Pennywise gets Georgie to go down the drain. I still won’t walk near drains.

Melissa   Pinocchio!! When the boys start drinking and smoking and turn into donkey. Still is terrifying

April  Nothing. No movie scene has ever come close to being as traumatic as childhood was.

And then there's this regret from Kimmi:   "Took my 6-year-old son to Lord of The Rings, was thinking it might have been a bad decision until the of the Uruk-hai. That's when he went from peeking out from under my arm to standing in the aisle yelling 'sweet!' That's when I knew I'd made my biggest parenting mistake ever. He now (26) loves violent tv. Ugh. "


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