Big Brother 15 host Julie Chen said she plans to confront houseguest Aaryn Gries about the derogatory comments Aaryn has made in the Big Brother house.

What should Julie Chen say to Aaryn?

The confrontation likely won't come until Aaryn is evicted or (let's hope not) makes it to the finals of Big Brother 15.

Evictions happen on Thursday nights on Big Brother. This week, Aaryn is Head of Household and has no chance to be evicted, unless Big Brother surprises with a rare "double eviction" show where two houseguests go home on the same night.

Chen says she has been preparing and revising her questions each week in preparation for the future interview. Gries doesn't know it, but she has lost her job because of her comments and has little idea what's coming once she leaves Big Brother. reports:

“As a 22-year-old girl,” Chen told the Express-News at the CBS stars party Monday night, “she has no idea what kind of — pardon my French — (expletive) storm is coming."

“The sad thing is no one intentionally says things to hurt people, for the most part anyway. No one intentionally tries to be the bad guy,” Chen added. “There's a big level of ignorance there. I need to shine a light on that a little bit, but not in a harsh way. In an eye-opening way, so she can say, 'Wow, was I that hurtful to so many groups of people?'”

When Aaryn's comments (and those of other Big Brother houseguests) were first heard, CBS chose not to air them. After pressure from some to air the comments and pressure from others to kick Aaryn off the show, CBS finally chose to address the comments.

The comments were addressed slowly at first, but eventually CBS allowed them to become a bigger part of the show which lead to some healthy discussion about a hard-to-talk-about topic.

I was critical at first, but now, I think CBS has done a good job of handling the awful comments coming from multiple Big Brother houseguests.  They've allowed the comments to be addressed without sensationalizing the issue.

It will likely all come to a peak when Julie interviews Aaryn.

What should Julie Chen say to or ask Aaryn Gries when she interviews her?

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