On Tuesday morning, we were having a conversation on the air about Legos. Why? Because we read a story about how 6 doctors, decided to each swallow a Yellow Lego head. Again, why? Because they wanted to see how long it would take for the Yellow Lego Head to "pass". No, not die. "Pass", as in, BE POOPED OUT. Ummmm....... OK?

What they found, was that it takes, on average, 1.7 days to poop a Lego. Roughly (no pun intended) 41 hours. To poop a Lego.

Why is this important? We have no idea.

HOWEVER, we are radio people and enjoy asking you stupid, life questions... So...

What did YOU swallow? What did your KID swallow?  Let us know your story in the comments.

Here is what listeners had to say:

  • When I was 10ish years old, I swallowed a quarter. I'm not sure how I didn't choke or feel it pass, but it happened.
  • I am a pre k teacher, there have been so many beads, beans, Orbeez (expandable water beads) up noses, ears, and eaten. Anything you can think of that could fit, I have probably seen it. Couple ENT appointments needed to remove said items because they were so far in. Aren't kids fun?
  • When I was about 4, I put a Flintstone vitamin in my nose and when my Mom got it out she made me eat it. Also, my sister and I used to eat Zest bar soap.
  • So I had a special needs sister who had pika and she swallowed my first paycheck a dog chain a large safety pin then I got my son who's stuck a penny up his nose a Tic Tac and a bean from Don't Spill the Beans oh the doctors knew what was happening every time I walked in the door LOL
  • When I was little I ate one of those snake things that you light with fire and they squirm around. Like charcoal or something
  • Good morning guys! My little sister when she was about a year old took a glass ornament off the Christmas tree and chewed it up and swallowed it
  • I always wanted a little brother or sister when I was young. When I got older my dad told me the reason I didn't have any younger siblings is that my mom swallowed them all. 😂 😂
  • My one year old tried to eat a light bulb. A small touch lamp from the 90s. She broke it off like a piece of fruit. Then stuck it in her mouth.
  • My son inhaled a lego. No, he didn't swallow it but since its a lego just thought I'd share.
  • Greg swallowed a rubber superball
  • I once swallowed a ladybug as a kid because it was flying by my face and I screamed and it flew in my mouth while I was chewing gum so I chomped it and didn't know what to do so I swallowed both the gum and ladybug
  • My daughter had been sneezing for a few days but with no other symptoms. My mom was babysitting her and sent me a picture of a tissue... there was a hair tie in her nose!!
  • When I was 8 I stole dads beer and ate the tab off the top
  • My brother as a baby ate volcanic ash, a bottle of tums, blue ice, and an assortment of other items dimes and such
  • My son swallowed his tooth. He was so excited when he pooped it out 😂😂he also ate a whole bottle of gummy vitamins
  • A kid I went to high school with swallowed a guitar pick. in class. in high school. He had to have it removed and I remember him bringing in pictures of the inside of his throat with the pick! Blegh
  • Well, I was not a kid, but I used to have my tongue pierced. The ball came off my stud and I swallowed the barbell at a REALLY bad time...in the middle of balloon animals. I started choking and had to go to the ER
  • I don't have kids. My sister and I swallowed sand. My dog ate sewing needles, gum, crayons. My nephew stuffed a LEGO piece up his nose.
  • My youngest son swallowed three dinosaurs sponge expandable tablets The ones for the bathtub
  • My wife and kids have a bad habit of swallowing air and start choking and coughing for no reason. It's really annoying sometimes
  • My kid didn't swallow anything but she put a rock up her nose. And it was up there all day. She didn't tell me about it till she went to bed.lmao
  • My toddler swallowed a pop tab off a pop can. The next day my seven-year-old put a rock in his ear at school. MJ #wifeofbutPhil
  • I was the kid and swallowed the liquid at the bottom of a baby wipe container