A new survey by Fitness Magazine found that there are some pretty strange relations between playing between the sheets and your weight. Naw, really? The survey found that nearly 25% of women admit they have avoided getting it on at one time or another because they felt uncomfortable with how their body looked. That explains a lot for my past (non)success with the ladies, at least that's where I put the blame.

What If you were given the "hypothetical choice" of losing your job or gaining 75 pounds, what would you say? The poll says that 54% of men and 58% of women would rather be standing in the unemployment line. WHAT?!

So what do you think, would you rather be thin and poor or overweight and rich? Yup, they had an answer to that, too. 63% of women and 55% of men decided on a skinny body and a lean checkbook. Not me... give me the pounds and money.

I read on and noticed that 75% of men and 80% of women would not give up 20 IQ points to get a better body and that made me feel better. At least some want smarts over looks. Another interesting poll showed that 27% of women say they'd rather get their wisdom teeth pulled than shop for a swimsuit.

How about you, would you give up your wisdom teeth to have a better body?