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You use your cell phone all day, everyday! What would happen if you indefinitely lost it or it was taken from you for good?

I'm thinkin' that if I lost my cell phone I would try and find a way to get another one!  But, what if the only way you or I could get our hands on another phone was to give up something else?  Something of great value ... like coffee or a wine.  Maybe your item of great value involves an activity.
According to a recent poll by TeleNav about 70% of women said they'd give-up alcohol or a week of marital relations.
I fall into the second highest category of 55% who would take coffee out of her daily diet, and another 54% said they'd stop working out in order to keep their phone --- REALLY??  Who wouldn't quit the gym at some point??  I'm not thinking that that is a huge sacrifice!!
So, what would you purge to keep connected to the world with your beloved cell phone?  You can either leave your comments below, like this blog or share it with your friends to help expand Channel 957's local poll!  I know you have a unique item you'd give-up ... so let's hear it!!
Source:  TheFrisky.com

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