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Nick Jonas Subtly Suggests He's Sexually Active 

NICK JONAS isn't wearing his purity ring anymore.  He says, quote, "What's important now is my relationship with God, and that I not judge and that I not be judged."  In other words . . . he's totally doing the nasty.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Have a Daughter 



Even though they never even admitted they were expecting, EVA MENDES and RYAN GOSLING welcomed a baby girl last Friday.  There's no word on their new daughter's name.



A source says, quote, "She's absolutely in heaven being a mom.  She's never been happier.  She and Ryan are just in awe of this beautiful person they created.  It's a really special time for them."



Eva and Ryan have been together since 2011.  He's 33, she's 40.

Jenny McCarthy Lost her Wedding Ring . . . When She Took It Off So She Wouldn't Scratch Donnie Wahlberg During Sex 



JENNY MCCARTHY just married DONNIE WAHLBERG a few weeks ago, and she's already lost her wedding ring.  But Donnie probably doesn't mind, because she lost it for a good cause.



She says, quote, "We were staying in a hotel and . . . it's hard to get romantic with diamonds on your hand.  I removed it and put it on the room service table and then they came and turned down the room and the ring was gone."



She added, quote, "But you know what though?  If you're gonna lose your wedding ring, you should lose it that way."  (Here's video.)

Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  The Internet has been having fun with some pictures of SARAH PALIN leaving a workout looking all sweaty and makeup-free.  So she decided to have a little fun with them herself on Facebook.




2.  The girls from "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" got together for brunch . . . Amber Tamblyn, Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, and America Ferrera.  And this selfie was the result.



There's actually a third "Sisterhood" movie in the works, but nobody's signed yet.




3.  In case you were wondering what Miami Marlins outfielder GIANCARLO STANTON's face looked like after colliding with a fastball . . . enjoy(WARNING!!!  There's some blood in one of the pics.)



4.  Here's a gallery of celebrities who supposedly look alike.  Some really do, like Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Some really don't, like Shakira and Beyoncé.




5.  The kid who did the voice of Nemo in "Finding Nemo" grew up to be pretty freakin' sexy.  His name is ALEXANDER GOULD.  He was 9 then, and he's 20 now.  He recently played the character Shane on Showtime's "Weeds".


Did Joan Rivers' Doctor Take a Selfie While She Was Under Anesthesia? 

CNN says JOAN RIVERS' doctor snapped a selfie with her while she was under anesthesia, right before he performed the biopsy on her vocal cords that killed her.

A doctor named Lawrence Cohen performed the endoscopy.  But when he was done, an ear, nose and throat doctor Joan had brought with her decided that he wanted to do a biopsy.

Shia LaBeouf Got a Restraining Order Against a Woman Who Thinks He's Einstein 

SHIA LABEOUF has never been accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer, but at least one woman thinks he's a genius.  Shia had to get a restraining order against a woman named Graciela Nahle . . . who apparently thinks he's ALBERT EINSTEIN.

Rachel Maddow and Harvey Levin from TMZ Top a List of the 50 Most Influential LGBT People in Media 

"The Advocate" released a list yesterday of the 50 Most Influential LGBT People in Media . . . and there was a tie at the top spot between MSNBC star RACHEL MADDOW and HARVEY LEVIN from TMZ.



They were followed by ANDERSON COOPER, ROBIN ROBERTS and investigative journalist GLENN GREENWALD.



Other names on the list you'd recognize include Suze Orman, Perez Hilton, Sam Champion and Jann Wenner from "Rolling Stone"(Here's the complete list.)


Football Takes the Top Three Spots . . . Plus Ratings for the "Sons of Anarchy" and "Z Nation" Premieres



"Sunday Night Football" was the most-watched show of the week.  The Bears-49ers game attracted 22.2 million viewers.  It was closely followed in the ratings by the Ravens-Steelers "Thursday Night Football" game, which had 20.8 million.



Meanwhile, the "Sons of Anarchy" seventh season premiere had 6.2 million viewers . . . the 16th season of "The Biggest Loser" began with 5.4 million . . . the 11th season of "American Dad" premiere to 2.6 million . . . Syfy's new zombie series "Z Nation" started with 1.6 million . . . and the fifth season of "Haven" premiered with 1 million.



Here are last week's Top 10 primetime shows:


1.  "Sunday Night Football", NBC, 22.2 million viewers.  The Chicago Bears beat the San Francisco 49ers, 28-20.


2.  "Thursday Night Football", CBS, 20.8 million viewers.  The Baltimore Ravens beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 26-6.


3.  "Monday Night Football: Game 1", ESPN, 13.7 million viewers.  The Detroit Lions beat the New York Giants, 35-14.


4.  "Football Night in America", NBC, 12.4 million viewers.


5.  "60 Minutes", CBS, 12.3 million viewers.


6.  "Monday Night Football: Game 2", ESPN, 11.5 million viewers.  The San Diego Chargers beat the Arizona Cardinals, 18-17.


7.  Last Wednesday's "America's Got Talent", NBC, 10.5 million viewers.

8.  Last Tuesday's "America's Got Talent", NBC, 9.8 million viewers.


9.  Sunday's "Big Brother", CBS, 7.4 million viewers.


10.  "The Miss America Competition", ABC, 7.1 million viewers.



As for your season finales . . . the third season of "Unforgettable" came to a close with 6.5 million viewers . . . "Bachelor in Paradise" finished with 5.4 million . . . and the fourth season finale of "Extreme Weight Loss" had 4 million viewers.



Wednesday TV Reminders:



• The ninth season finale of "America's Got Talent" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC.



• The series premiere of "Red Band Society" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox.  Octavia Spencer runs a pediatric ward where a group of teenage patients bond over their red hospital bands.  Dave Annable is also in it as their pediatric surgeon.



• The series premiere of "The Mysteries of Laura" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on NBC.  Debra Messing plays a New York City detective raising two boys at home.



• The first season finale of "Extant" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on CBS.



"Epic Ink" . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on A&E.  Elvira Mistress of the Dark shows up at the shop to get her very first tattoo.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" - Liam Neeson, and Terry Gilliam.



"Late Night with Seth Meyers" - Tina Fey, Adam Pally, and Grouplove.



"Letterman" - Michael Cera, and Lyle Lovett.  (Repeat)



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Ty Burrell, Len Goodman, and Paolo Nutini.



"Carson Daly" - Marc Maron, Kaiser Chiefs, and Chuck E. Weiss.  (Repeat)



"Conan" - Marisa Tomei, Jim Jefferies, and Old Crow Medicine Show.



"Craig Ferguson" - Paul Reiser, and Aimee Garcia.



"Jon Stewart" - Law professor Zephyr Teachout, author of "Corruption in America".



"The Colbert Report" - Viggo Mortensen.

Five Random Facts For Wednesday

Here are a few random facts for you.  People in the Midwest are far more likely to say "um" than "uh" . . . people on the East Coast and in the South are far more likely to say "uh" than "um."  One out of nine siblings have the same first initial.  And chocolate milk was invented in Jamaica in the 1400s.

1.  When women are ovulating, they like watching hardcore porn.  During other times throughout their cycle, they get turned on by softer porn.



2.  People in the Midwest are far more likely to say "um" than "uh" . . . people on the East Coast and in the South are far more likely to say "uh" than "um" . . . and people on the West Coast are split evenly between "um" and "uh."



3.  One out of nine siblings have the same first initial . . . siblings are about 50% more likely to have the same first initial than two random people.



4.  "Orthorexia" is an eating disorder where people only want to eat organic or "pure" foods.



5.  Chocolate milk was invented in Jamaica in the 1400s.  An Irish botanist visiting Jamaica in the 1700s took the idea back to Europe and started selling it.



(Huffington Post / Quartz / Facebook / Jacksonville Daily News / Smithsonian Magazine)


30% of People Will Go With a "Classic" Halloween Costume This Year Like a Witch or Pirate

A new survey asked people what type of costume they're thinking about wearing for Halloween this year, and the top answer was . . . a classic, like a witch or pirate.  Costumes inspired by a movie or TV show are second-most popular.

(PR Newswire)

The State With the Rudest Drivers Is Idaho . . . And the State Which Hates Your Driving the Most

A new nationwide survey asked people which state has the RUDEST DRIVERS.  And somehow, Idaho came in first.  The main reason why is that they drive too SLOWLY.  North Dakota has the most polite drivers.


The Five Types of People Who Make Your Flight Hell

A new survey asked what kind of people make flying HELL.  The top three are:  People who recline their seats . . . people with bad hygiene who smell . . . and parents who let their kids run wild.

1.  People who recline their seats.


2.  People with bad hygiene who smell.


3.  Parents who let their kids run wild.


4.  Armrest hogs.


5.  People who won't stop talking to you.




Three Women Find the Same Guy Is Dating All of Them . . . So They Team Up to Surprise Him at the Airport

A 20-year-old guy in England had been dating three women for seven months.  And while he was away on vacation, they found out.  So they decided to team up and SURPRISE him.  When he landed at the airport, they were all WAITING for him.  So he ran to the parking lot where his grandma was waiting to pick him up.

(Daily Mail


Americans Are the 12th Happiest People in the World . . . Panama Is Number One

Gallup just released the results of its annual study on how HAPPY people are with their lives around the world.  Panama came in first out of 135 countries . . . the U.S. came in 12th . . . and Syria and Afghanistan tied for last.


(USA Today

Photo of the Day:  A Family Lets Their Baby Wander Near the Edge of a Cliff

A photographer in Norway hiked up a popular cliff there earlier this week, and snapped a photo of some parents letting their baby crawl RIGHT next to the edge . . . just so THEY could get a cool photo of her.  Fortunately, the baby did NOT fall off the cliff.



JOHN RITTER (1948 - 2003"Three's Company" genius.



He died from an undiagnosed tear in his aorta.  His widow, Amy Yasbeck, filed a $67 million wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital and the doctors who treated him.  She walked away with about $14 million in settlement money.

Ella Purnell is 18.  She parlayed playing the young version of Angelina Jolie in "Malificent" into playing the young version of Jane in the upcoming "Tarzan" movie . . . and a starring role a movie called "Wildlike" that will hit theaters later this year.


Alexander Ovechkin is 29.  Left winger for the Washington Capitals.  He might be considered the best player in the NHL if he didn't choke in the playoffs every year.



Constantine Maroulis is 39.  The ORIGINAL so-called "rocker" from "American Idol".  He was the one with the "EFF ME EYES" and the sexy, yellow teeth.  He was the original lead in "Rock of Ages", and got rave reviews.  But when it came time to make the movie, all he could score was a cameo.



Jimmie Johnson is 39.  One of the top drivers in NASCAR.  Your cousins in Arkansas LOVE him.



Vinnie from Naughty By Nature is 44.  And there's nothing naughtier than an aging urban troubadour.



Bryan Singer is 46.  Director of "The Usual Suspects", "Superman Returns", and most of the "X-men" movies.  He's currently facing multiple lawsuits for allegedly sexually assaulting different underage males.



Mattress actress Carolyn Monroe is 46.  She's starred in 235 fine films, including "Jungle Beaver", "Buns and Roses", "Analyze These" and "White Men Can Hump".

DOUG E. FRESH is 48.  Rapper who may be the world's greatest human beat box.



Paula Jones is 48.  Billy Clinton's former horse-faced side action.  She got whooped by Tonya Harding on the original "Celebrity Boxing".



Kyle Chandler is 49.  Coach Tayler from "Friday Night Lights".  He was also in "Super 8", "Argo", "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "Zero Dark Thirty".



Dustin Nguyen is 52.  Johnny Loh on "V.I.P." AND Vinh Van Tran on "21 Jump Street".



Kevin Clash is 54.  The former voice of Elmo on "Sesame Street".  Lost his gig after several guys accused him of having sex with them while they were underage.



Rita Rudner is 61.  SEXY comedienne.



Elvira is 63.  The Mistress of the Well-Chested Dark.


Phil Jackson is 69.  SEXY Zen master and Los Angeles Lakers coach who was run out of town by Kobe . . . but was then brought back into town to keep the team from totally sucking.  He retired a few years ago . . . now he's working as an executive on the New York Knicks trying to fix their mess of a franchise.



Anne Bancroft  (1931 - 2005)  Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate" and Mrs. Mel Brooks until her passing.

Steve Sanders  (1952 - 1998)  Oak Ridge Boys' singer who shot himself in the head.



PAUL BENEDICT (1938 - 2008)  Honky Harry Bentley on "The Jeffersons".  Not really British, but everybody THOUGHT he was because of "The Jeffersons".



AND, he played Brownlee in the racially sensitive 1975 master-slave flick, "Mandingo"!

Ken Kesey  (1935 - 2001)  Author of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" AND big fan of the LSD.  The Grateful Dead got started by playing at Ken Kesey's "Acid Test" parties, man.



Roddy McDowall  (1928 - 1998"Planet Of The Apes" legend who was hung like a bear.  Also the Bookworm on the old-school "Batman" TV series!




Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 2 days to Talk Like a Pirate Day

• 15 days to Int'l Day of Non-Violence

• 18 days to World Teachers Day

• 29 days to World Food Day

• 44 days to Halloween

• 856 days left of "Hope and Change"

227 years ago . . . In 1787, the U.S. CONSTITUTION was signed by a majority of the delegates attending the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



79 years ago . . . In 1935, Brooklyn Dodgers outfielder Len Koenecke was killed attempting THE FIRST SKYJACKING.


Koenecke was furious that he'd just been cut by the Dodgers, so he took his frustrations out on a flight over Canada . . . but while he was trying to take control of the plane, he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher and killed.



65 years ago . . . In 1949, Warner Brothers released the first ROADRUNNER & WILE E. COYOTE cartoon, called "Fast And Furry-ous".






49 years ago . . . In 1965, "Hogan's Heroes" debuted on CBS, starring the extremely handsome AND deviant BOB CRANE.



47 years ago . . . In 1967, THE DOORS performed "Light My Fire" on "The Ed Sullivan Show".  Before the show, Jim Morrison promised to change the line "Girl, we couldn't get much higher" . . . then he sang it anyway.

42 years ago . . . In 1972, "M*A*S*H" premiered on CBS.  It ran for 11 seasons.



31 years ago . . . In 1983, VANESSA WILLIAMS became the first African-American crowned Miss America.  Vanessa Williams very well may be the most beautiful black woman EVER . . . if not the most beautiful woman ever.



(She's definitely in the Top 10 on my "Must Mount Before Death List".)  (???)



23 years ago . . . In 1991, GUNS 'N ROSES released "Use Your Illusion 1 and 2" at midnight.  By 2:00 A.M., the two albums had sold 500,000 copies.



14 years ago . . . In 2000, selfish skank PAULA YATES died of an accidental overdose of the BLACK-TAR H.



She left MICHAEL HUTCHENCE'S daughter (Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily) an orphan, and three other daughters motherless.



PEACHES, her daughter with BOB GELDOF, died of a heroin overdose this past April.  Circle of life, people.



Three years ago . . . In 2011, OCCUPY WALL STREET began in Zucotti Park, New York City.