A couple of weeks ago, Big Joe and Laura walked into the Mix 95.7 studio here in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids and uncovered a mystery.

While they were gone, someone dropped off a box in the studio. It's locked. And there's a note on it that says that it can't be opened until September 22...

Who Dropped Off the Box in the Mix 95.7 Studio?

Joe and Laura decided to ask management if they knew where the box came from - it's not like just anyone can traipse into the studio, right? They claimed that they had no idea - but grabbed the surveillance footage for them, and it left them even more confused.

To add to the mystery, whoever is behind the box DM'd in the Mix 95.7 app and... are they threatening Big Joe and Laura?!?

Big Joe & Laura Brought In Reinforcements

They asked y'all who you thought did it, and what might be in the box... But, then thought they needed to bring in the big guns... Enter Benny and Paddington - the best noses in the West (Michigan).

They also called in a Tarot Card reader to see if they could predict what might be in the box...

And most recently, the 'keeper of the box' (as they call themselves) left a voicemail warning Big Joe and Laura to chill out and wait until it's time...

So now, they're bringing it back to you and even sweetening the deal a little bit...

Guess What's In The Box And You Could Win Jonas Brothers Tickets

Please fill out the form below and give us your guess as to what's in the box. After Big Joe and Laura are able to open it, they'll put all of the correct answers into a drawing to win a pair of tickets to see the Jonas Brothers on Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at Van Andel Arena.

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