It's time for Big Joe's Question of the day and this one is all about the worst job you've ever had.

Joe's answer was car detailing just because of some of the things he came across after the car's owner had a night out partying. Wendy said that it was when she was when she cleaned hotels. Let's just say that she figured out what "body critters" looked like up close and personal.  And Steve's answer was when he worked at a mom and pop video rental store whose main business was from their adult section.

Here is what West Michigan had to say:

  • Worst job, hands down where I even quit without a notice, was working for a CPA. He yelled at his then-wife and employees. I had to do payroll, quarterly taxes, returns and I was paid $5.15 an hour. The guys also had us wash his car, pick up his dry cleaning, clean up after his obnoxious kid and more. It was AWFUL
  • Being a skilled trades supervisor. I was a 23 year old kid directing a couple dozen 50 year old men who wanted to teach “sonny boy” a thing or two…and they did 😉
  • Worst job fast food. 150% hated that job, would rather go to jail for a month than go work fast food again
  • I got a temp job at an egg factory. Smelled like rotten eggs all day. The break room was basically right in the plant. Needless to say, I didn't eat lunch. Worked there one day and was out!
  • so i was in a really awful car accident in 2014 that still affects me today, and in 2015 i had my first job (that wasn’t babysitting my friends baby lol) at an ice cream store. even if i only worked 4 hours a day i’d come home in pain & swollen because the owner made me stand throughout the entire shift despite knowing what i went through. 😩 my spine & neck doctor advised me to quit so i did! i’ve never gone back there to even get ice cream
  • the worst job I ever had was a commercial cleaner. I saw some nasty stuff...I would never do that again
  • Delivery newspapers after I just got done with work
  • The worst job I had was when I was 16 I worked in a butter factory. We packaged butter for McDonald's. I left work smelling like butter every night.
  • I won't say the business name, but it was a restaurant/deli. 7 years, no promotion to management after working on everything they said was wrong with me... Under a boss who would show up an hour late when he lived less than a minute (not exaggerating) away from work. I quit and haven't looked back in almost 5 years.
  • Offering water tests out in the country in Michigan! Went all over the country. Ended up in Climax Michigan for the first time and all I could do was laugh
  • Working as a Legal Assistant for a Family Law firm.
  • I worked at an accounting firm for about 5 weeks...the guys in the office all the office & the pregnant office manager training me was an awful trainer!
  • That might be a toss up right now... ranch hand shoveling horse stalls or being a nurse right now.
  • Nurse at the prison
  • Call center
  • Doing sparagus
  • I worked at a hardware store at 16.
  • The call center with and many others
  • Clipping toenails
  • Working at Bradford white corporation
  • Working at a "Dinner Theatre" Restaurant where they served Pate and bread and scooped the unused Pate back into the tub to re use Breakfast shift at the college cafeteria loading dishes into the dishwasher
  • Working at cedar point in food services
  • Sorting potatoes, some you picked out was rotted. Sitting and cutting seed potatoes.
  • Pumping boat waste tanks out at a Marina for a summer in college. Got great tips though.
  • Carrot factory
  • Worst job: A restaurant that will remain nameless... In my 3 days there, they failed 2 health inspections and fired a girl who left in the middle of her shift (her 4 month old baby had died during her shift). I walked out and never went back.
  • ? Of dah day, Recycling cans and bottles. I would go home smelling like old pop . So gross then all the old Cigarette butts people put in cans and bottles
  • Home Health Aide. It was horrible depending on the case. Some days it was movies and dinner. Others it was getting screamed at all day. I had one guy call me a fat c word all day. Eventually he cornered me and wouldn't stop hitting me. Best part MY EMPLOYER forced me to stay there the rest of the day. 12 hour shifts.

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