As the cannabis industry continues to grow in Michigan, some unique jobs are popping up across the state, including a new job posting for the City of Grand Rapids.  A Cannabis Manager is needed.

At first glance, I think there’s plenty of us that are thinking we’d be PERFECT for this job, but before you get too excited, they aren’t looking for someone to be high all the time, managing the city supply of cannabis.  This job is going to be more of a regulatory job as Grand Rapids starts the process of allowing recreational sales, at some point, in the city.

According to the job posting, the City of Grand Rapids Planning Department is looking for a “highly-skilled professional that will be responsible for coordinating all cannabis-related activities of various City departments.” Again, the use of “highly-skilled” doesn’t mean cannabis high.

IF you’re serious about helping the cannabis industry grow and become a thing in Grand Rapids, this would be the job for you.  The job posting gives examples of some the work you’d be overseeing:

  • Plan, organize and direct the activities of the Planning Department related to recommending, administering and implementing medical and adult use cannabis policies.

  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external stakeholders, with a clear understanding of the City’s mission and how it may coincide with and differ from stakeholder expectations.

  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for the systematic application of City ordinances.

  • Prepare and present reports to City Commission and committees as needed.

  • Collaborate, monitor, and oversee compliance with local, state and federal offices by coordinating regulatory and policy efforts, communicating, evaluating and implementing best practices, and establishing collaborative relationships with state and federal agencies as well as external stakeholders and the community.

  • Coordinate interdepartmental workgroup meetings to check in on current issues and determine appropriate action steps.

  • Track and enforce applicable social equity commitments.

  • Perform inspections of all licensed facilities within the city to determine compliance with local ordinances and conditions of approval.

  • Lead and participate in internal meetings, statewide agency and external stakeholder workgroups.

  • Develop performance measures for the Department to achieve stated objectives.


If this sounds like your type of job, they’re looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, a masters degree is even better, as well as some other qualifications.  The salary though is not bad starting at just over $76,000 up to $97,749.  You can figure out if this is your jam and apply HERE.


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