The number one resolution on the list is probably not what you think.

Do you set resolutions around the New Year? Last year my goal was to get a six pack, this year my goal is to get rid of my spare tire. Even though I completed a crazy amount of goals in 2015, that last statement shows you how that six pack worked out.

So, what do you think the number one resolution for 2016 is? I was thinking lose weight, but nope, that's not it.

According to this survey from Skout, 92% of people say they want to save more money, 82% want to make new friends, 82% want to improve their look (which could include weight loss), 74% want to exercise more (again, weight loss), and finally 55% want to get a new job.

Right it down and do it! Check in with yourself at the end of each quarter.

Actually here's a tip I used last year, it's a booklet you fill out from You fill in how the previous year was, and what you want from the next year. Let me tell you, I joke about the spare tire thing but I got way more done in 2015 than I ever have, much of which will pay off in 2016. I can't tell you how awesome of a tool this is, give it a look for yourself!