In a recent survey of 2500 adults by Family Circle on the topic of how they felt about personal family values, the polls turned out some very shocking result. When asked if a couple should stay together for the children? Roughly half the men, 51%, said absolutely, while a low 35% of the women said yes. So that means 65% of women believe you should not stay together for the kids? Wow!

When asked what age is the best for your children move out on their own? 55% of adults said once they can afford to move out they should. While 18% said their children can stay until they are 25 and 14% said they should move out when they get married. I sure hope no marry couples expect to live with their parents.

Some of the other random questions showed that 78% said there should be a law banning the use of cell phones while driving. When it comes to safety in school, 94% believe that having metal detectors in schools is a good idea, while 76% believe random drug testing should be allowed in high schools.

But 83% believe that spanking is an acceptable form of discipline. All I learned from this is nothing is about the kids anymore. Majority of people surveyed think its OK to spank kids, but its not OK to stay together to help them? Glad I do not take the same view of people polled. What are your thoughts?

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