There's a new app on the market called "Who Deleted Me" and it notifies you when someone unfriended you on Facebook. It's available for free download for iOS and Android users.

I think this app is silly but it makes sense because there is a market for something like this. People get so butt-hurt over being digitally de-friended that it doesn't even matter if you were friends in real life to begin with. Honestly, what difference does it make that someone deleted you off of Facebook? IMO it clears up your friends list and it's one less political rant, baby picture or happy birthday that you have to deal with on your newsfeed. But hey, thats just me.

I will admit though that I did use that un-friend button to my advantage every time my ex-boyfriend and I were fighting or broke up. It was the ultimate "F-U" to one another. Thankfully, we've moved passed that stage and we decided to stay "friends."

But this has me wondering a few things... What causes you to delete someone off of social media? And have you ever confronted someone for deleting you OR have you been confronted for deleting someone?

A former boss of mine looks forward to his birthday every year because who ever didn't wish him a happy birthday on Facebook he instantly deletes. Needless to say I was deleted.

If you want to take a peak at what the new app is like you can check it out here