As we reported earlier this year, Plainfield Township fought for the right to tear down the eyesore Witmark building. So why does the owner keep fighting it?

The building located on Jupiter Drive just off Plainfield has been an eyesore for years, and out of frustration the Township finally declared the structure a hazard and began the right to tear it down.

The are real close to that goal, but the owner of the building keeps fighting it. What benefit does he get from having it up?

Apparently, several people on a Plainfield Township Facebook group feel he's getting a tax write off for the property, and while I have been unable to verify that, it seems like a logical conclusion.

The structure itself serves no purpose outside of being hard to look at, as well as a danger to people who are brave enough to go inside the gutted building.

At any rate, it looks like the owner's appeals to stay the demolition of the structure have been overruled, and plans are moving forward to bring it down this fall.

The Plainfield Charter Township posted this notice to their web page last week:

The decision to deny the appeal was based upon the building’s dangerous, vacant and blighted condition that is unsafe and unfit for occupancy or repair.

Next, the Township will continue its process to enforce the demolition of the building.

The Township is required by state law to have a construction board of appeals to hear appeals related to the Township’s enforcement of its property maintenance and building codes. Board members have a background, training or experience in construction and working knowledge of the Township’s International Property Maintenance Code.

The order to demolish the blighted building at 4189 Jupiter Ave. NE was declared by the Township's Board of Trustees at their June 28 meeting. Under this action, the property will remain with the current owner, but for safety reasons, the building must be demolished.

Witmark was a former catalog showroom, jewelry and electronics store that operated in West Michigan from 1969-97. The majority of the building has remained vacant for more than 20 years.

For more information on this decision, click here.


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