Apologies to the genie, but the topknot is not Will Smith’s “cherry on top.” In fact, it’s his most recent film Aladdin. Smith sent out a message via Instagram thanking fans as Aladdin has now become his highest grossing film worldwide as an actor.

That record was previously held by 1996’s summer blockbuster Independence Day, which had amassed a staggering $511.2 million overseas and $817.4 million globally just over two decades ago. The tallies for Disney’s recent live-action remake of Aladdin with Smith as the scene-stealing genie have now hit $568.3 million internationally and $874.2 million worldwide.

It’s not quite a clean sweep yet as domestically Aladdin currently sits third all-time for Smith. The Guy Ritchie-directed film has made $305.9 million domestically, just a tad behind Independence Day’s $306.2 million, but it’s Smith’s turn in Suicide Squad that currently ranks as his top grossing U.S. film at $325.1 million.

Aladdin just became the biggest movie of my career! I’m honored and I’m Speechless. (You see what I did there? Gotta pay attention) The only thing I can say is, thank you,” stated Smith on Instagram.

Though Aladdin has been out over a month, the film still remains in the top four at the domestic box office, making another $9.34 million this past weekend.

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