Are you a member of the Click of Six?  Of course you are, why else would you be interested in getting a T-Shirt?

We got a brand new shipment of Connie and Fish T-Shirts courtesy of Thread West Michigan and we want to hook you up!  Fill out the form below and we will choose 5 people to win a Connie and Fish #ClickOfSix T-Shirt.  We will announce the winners on Facebook after the show on Friday, December 20th.

Jen King, Torey Pichot, Aimee Boruta, Jennifer Elsner, and Linsi Selles!  You all just got yourself a Connie and Fish T-Shirt!

Thread West Michigan
Thread West Michigan

T-Shirts are provided courtesy of Thread West Michigan.  Thread West offers a ton of different services including Embroidery, Apparel Printing, Decals, Glass Etching, Koozies, and more.

You can find out more information about Thread West on their website or on their Facebook page.