Just what in the heck is for sale at the WMU Surplus Store? If you visit the store on Ransom Street on Kalamazoo's near west side, you'll typically find desks and shelves, furniture, computers and athletic equipment. But occasionally you'll stumble upon a real find.

Recently the Surplus Store posted this image on Facebook. It's a couple of boxes of plastic faces all with their mouths agape. While they have a very innocent and important purpose, even knowing what they are, one could imagine many uses as commenters on Facebook did.

Some suggested they could be used to decorate a haunted house or could be an Avant-garde art project. But whatever use one would put them to, seeing them out of context is just plain creepy.

The full posting on Facebook reveals the faces are part of a set of CPR training kits, which the posting notes no longer meet certification standards.

After seeing the full set of CPR equipment, you may be reminded of an episode of The Office when, after the crew took CPR training, Dwight got a little creative, Hannibal Lector-style, with one of the mannequins.


So perhaps you can be the lucky recipient of some lovely plastic faces to adorn your walls, or whatever you chose to do with them.

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