Starting in January, some students at WMU will be fined for missing required tests.

As students and staff get ready for the new year, new protocols are being put into place at Western Michigan University when it comes to COVID-19. If students are unvaccinated and miss the required weekly testing, they will start receiving fines. Those fines will start at $50 for their first offenses.

What are the updates for the COVID-19 protocols for unvaccinated students at Western Michigan University?

Starting on the week of January 10th, Western Michigan University's COVID-19 weekly testing protocols will change as follows:

  • If an unvaccinated student misses the required weekly testing, that student will receive a monetary fine instead of going through the Office of Student Conduct process.
  • Required indoor masking and other COVID protocols will remain in place.
  • The testing facilities will move to North Kohrman Hall starting January 4th.
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How much will the fines cost students for missing the weekly COVID tests?

Any student that is required to participate in WMU's weekly testing will receive a fine if they fail to comply starting on January 10th. For each of the first five times a student misses a test, they will be fined $50 for each time they fail to comply. The fines then increase to $100 per offense starting the sixth time they miss a test. Also, there is no limit to the number of times a student can be fined for noncompliance.

To read more about the updated COVID-19 protocols at Western Michigan University, click here.

Source: Western Michigan University

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