I was looking over the WZZM website and noticed something I do not understand how I could miss. I recently had a baby, not me personally but my fiance, so I have learned the stresses of becoming a father... which could also be the reason I missed this story.  The delivery of a child can be stressful at the hospital, let alone at a Kentwood BP gas station. WZZM had a story about a woman that gave birth at a BP Gas Station here in West Michigan... What?! Now I know this happens, but after seeing it first hand, I do not know how.

Not only was the couple getting help from the 911 operator, but they were receiving help from the gas station employees.  "I'm just at a loss for words, it was just craziness. I just never would think they would have a baby in a gas station parking lot. It was just crazy," said gas station employee Brandoun Miller, who helped with the delivery. "I'd do it again if I had to, that's the honest truth." No offense Brandoun, but this reinforces the fact that I'm fortunate to make it to the hospital for my child's delivery.