Most people in Midwest or Great Lakes states don't quite "get" the concept of "taking the train" to get places like they do on the East Coast.  I was guilty of thinking "why on earth would you take a train? why not just drive?"

That was before I actually LIVED in Philadelphia and worked in New York City.  Then I fully understood how easy it was to "take the train" into the city and avoid parking, traffic jams, tolls, tunnels and everything else that comes with East Coast living. Many weekends during my time in Philadelphia, I would drive to Trenton, NJ, and take the train into New York City to work on the radio.

And let's just say the trains aren't exactly clean and spotless, especially by the end of a day.  Especially if it was a car with a bathroom.

So, imagine how I cringed at the headline "NJ mom gives birth to child on train in NYC."  Not exactly the clean confines of a delivery suite.  Or even as clean as the backseat of a car, where other stories like this seem to take place.  But labor waits for nothing...

On the train, mom began feeling pains; she had dad check and he found the head was already coming out.  Another woman on the train helped dad delivery the baby.  Other riders offered encouragement and help; a little girl even offered her jacket to keep the baby warm.

Mom is doing well, so is their little baby boy.